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Meet John, Our Youngest Resident

We at East Ridge Residence, and The Victory Lap, a Nashville organization are bringing generations together by housing older foster youth in retirement communities, are teaming up to provide a new home for John, a young man in Partnership’s Independent Living Program.

At 4 pm on, July 1st, 2019, at East Ridge Residence off 1417 North Mack Smith Road in East Ridge, TN, the seniors at the community welcomed John, their newest resident, with special t-shirts, pom-poms and a cannonball into the pool, with swimming being one of John’s favorite pastimes.
Resident Spotlight

Jack is Back!

We at East Ridge Residence want to give a big and warm welcome back to our dear resident, Jack, after being gone from the community for almost 2 months. Those days and nights were just not the same without him here, as many residents and staff shared.

It was truly a beautiful early spring morning on April 1st, 2019, here at East Ridge, and Jack was taking that morning to start working on his famous vegetable garden that he does every year since moving into East Ridge in 2017. Always being an avid gardener, he wanted to be sure he could continue to enjoy this hobby of his here at East Ridge. Jack was able to select an area on the community grounds to create his new garden at his new home when he arrived in March of 2017. He fills his garden with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers which he shares with all the residents and staff here every year – they rave about his fresh garden vegetables all year long! Along with his gardening and sharing the fruits of his labor with all here at East Ridge, Jack is such a true gentleman who loves to be around people and socialize. Just about every evening after dinner one can find Jack walking a few of the ladies back to their apartments just to make sure they get back home safely. Then he heads back up to the lobby area, which is really more a large family living room than a lobby, to gather with his friends and complete his daily crossword puzzle – where he engages the other residents and whomever is working at the front desk with his conversation and laughter. Upon his first night back to East Ridge Residence this week, those residents and staff who would spend their evenings with Jack and his crossword puzzle entertainment, were so excited to have their Jack back as well as their evening routine, they had their own Welcome Back Jack evening crossword puzzle gathering party!
Associate Spotlight

Meet Deandra, Therapy Program Manager

We’d like to take a minute to introduce Deandra, the Therapy Program Manager here at East Ridge Residence for Health Pro Heritage. Along with being the group’s Therapy Program Manager, Deandra works with residents at East Ridge Residence directly providing them with Physical and Occupational Therapy Services – both in their home and in the outpatient therapy gym – which is the ideal plan of care for any and all seniors to ensure one-on-one seamless continuum of care. This leads to better outcomes, results and overall independence for our senior residents.

Another tremendous benefit for our residents at East Ridge Residence with Deandra being here daily is that any of our residents who return to East Ridge Residence and their apartment after a hospital stay will be assessed by Deandra upon return just to make sure they are as safe and independent both in their apartment and in our Independent Living community. More times than not the hospital focuses on getting patients out and will forget to recommend or discharge them with needed nursing and therapy services. With Deandra’s assessment, she can take care of getting all needed to get our residents the therapy and nursing services in their apartment within 24-hrs of their return. This brings peace of mind to the resident and their family that one will remain safe and independent and able to remain at East Ridge Residence, versus having to make that expensive transfer to a higher level of care. Deandra has a tremendous dedication to helping seniors achieve their best quality of life possible and displays that commitment here at East Ridge Residence each day with our residents. Deandra has been providing seniors with Patient Care and Therapy Services in the Chattanooga area since 2006; and became a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2012. We are honored to have her here as part of our Independent Living offerings at East Ridge Residence!

In Honor of George

A special friend to the entire East Ridge Residence community is being remembered through what he loved most: giving back to those in need.

George Fincher, a fellow Chattanoogan and husband of Executive Director Carol Fincher, humbly wished to have donations be made to a local non-profit that provides end-of-life care in lieu of flowers. East Ridge Residence is keeping George’s request in their hearts by continuing to provide meals weekly to Welcome Home of Chattanooga with Veritas Senior Living also donating $7,250 to the organization in George’s honor. Adored by both the residents and associates alike at East Ridge Residence, George often talked about making a mark in the world rather than simply passing through it. Because of his strong faith, he not only talked about making a difference, but did it daily as he journeyed through life. He also had a regular presence at the community. George attended almost every special event and faithfully came to sing karaoke with the residents, where his favorite song to sing was “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Welcome Home is the first of its kind in Chattanooga that provides housing and end-of-life care for people and their families who were previously homeless. The ministry and non-profit is a hospice house that partners with local hospices to provide the proper nursing support that clients need, as well as assistance with appropriate benefits and education for children regarding their situations. Welcome home is currently creating a fundraising and capital campaign to build a new home to serve their clients. Welcome Home is supported by donations from the community and local businesses alike, with George and Carol Fincher being one of those supporters. To donate or learn more, visit Welcome Home of Chattanooga. Welcome Home of Chattanooga
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Meet Clarence, our Lifestyles Director

We are thrilled to welcome Clarence to our team! Clarence’s passion is in creating all-inclusive events, so no matter what your level of activity is, Clarence will create an activity for you! He loves providing physical, mental and spiritual activities for all to enjoy.

Clarence has 37 hears experience in creating recreational programs throughout Tennessee and his degree is in Recreation Studies from TSU, where he attended on a football scholarship. Clarence says his greatest joy is bringing a smile to our residents’ faces. Thank you Clarence for all you do for us at East Ridge!
Resident Spotlight

Meet Jean

East Ridge Resident Jean turned 100 years old on Jan 31st, 2019 and all here at East Ridge Residence were so excited and grateful to celebrate her milestone day with her!

Jean moved into East Ridge Residence in June of 2015. She had gotten to know the community, staff and residents while her brother, Lovell, was a resident here. Although we tried to make her birthday celebration a surprise, Jean told Executive Director, Carol Fincher, that she had an idea there might be a celebration for her because she remembered coming to East Ridge Residence to celebrate Lovell’s birthday. Jean remains one of most active and independent residents in our community. She loves her family and her church and just loves life in general. Jean also remains one of the most beautiful residents here at East Ridge inside and out. Even if she just coming down to check her mail or go to dinner with friend, she is always dressed and made up to the nines and always with a hint of pink. Happy 100th Birthday Jean! So glad your East Ridge Residence friends and family were able to celebrate with you!!